Skin Treatments


At BE Well, we use only the finest of products. We’re pleased to use Dermalogica®, a line you probably heard  about in magazines such as Allure, Self, Glamor, Vogue,  Cosmopolitan, Essence, Shape, Elle, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Bazaar, The Oprah Magazine, American Spa, Natural Health, InStyle, Nylon … and many more!!!!


BE’s Spot

Microzone treatment – These are for clients who are time condensed and want a quick spot on solution to an immediate skin care concern, such as frustrating breakouts, tired eyes or dull, lackluster skin. This high-intensity, accelerated version takes place in 1/3 of the time! These are not intended to replace the full skin care treatments (which should be administered every 4-6 weeks)
20 minutes………..$45

BE’s Surface

Microdermabrasion – This treatment is a  nonsurgical, mechanical form of promoting cell metabolism to the  surface of the skin. One of the most popular skincare treatments in the beauty industry.

A series of treatments incorporating complimentary products(in addition to a complete home-care program) is recommended to obtain the best results.

Many celebrities make this a part of their routine skin regimen!!!

90 minutes face……..$90

120 minutes body areas…….. $120

BE’s Root

A customized individual-based skin care protocol including a cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage, mask, and moisturizer.

75 minutes face….. $75

120 minutes full body….. $120

BE’s Shed

Involves chemical peeling of the skin removing excess accumulations of dead cells from superficial layers. To achieve these results AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs  (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are used.

75 minutes face….. $75

120 minutes full body….. $120

BE’s Back

Customized skin care protocol on the back especially in those hard to reach places.

60 minutes….. $60

BE’s Target

High frequency creates ozone and this has a germicidal action on the skin. These gases are highly effective on unwanted acne – type lesions and oily type skins. 

75 minutes …..$85

BE’s Wrap

Emerge your body, along with face mask, in purifying mud to pull out unwanted toxins. Mud reduces skin inflammation and improves your skin’s overall health as it hydrates and tones. Mud can pull pesticides, preservatives, pollution and bacteria from skin in addition to regulating moisture levels.

120 minutes….. $120